Introductory program to help you learn the Get Strong training system. Designed for all levels of experience in the training world. Open from ages 11 to 90

Off Season Hockey Program (12 week)

Divided into 4 segments lasting 3 weeks per segment. The program include both on and off ice training

Weekend Warrior

A program for the person who takes his or her training serious but also has a REAL job and just wants to feel and perform better

Body shaping / Weight loss

When it comes to training a lot of people talk about weight loss. I do not want you to just lose weight I want you to increase muscle and feel well under the process. This program will challenge you so that you not only will look better but will get in great shape

Stress Relief

The program is designed to reduce stress using many unique techniques including mediation and training. Reduce stress and you will perform better

Distance Program

For the person who is not able to get to us. We can help you with a program that you can do where you live.